Dubrovnik Heights 16 Stone Villas

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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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: In less than a year were sold all 16 locations across the turnkey The value of the villa of approximately 160 m2 plot with building, swimming pool, tidy yard, fence and turnkey villa ranges from 180-200000, - € Collateralized by road, electricity, water, telephone - internet, cable, BioSepricki filter and solar heating, Tradition and Ecologija in one place. Our villas were built on a reinforced concrete skeleton with infill of thermal terracotta blocks with solid reinforced concrete floor and attic plates, complying with all EU standards in terms of sound, thermal and hydro insulation. Kamena vila The final part of the facade of the stone cut, crushed or cut stone thickness from 5 -15 cm. Due to the speed and efficiency facades can also be done from the hard foam thickness of 5 cm and a final waterproof facade coatings with stone edges. Roof was entirely of red tile Mediterranean tile. The final layer of the interior walls are hand or machine mortars from natural local materials, lime, cement and sand. Floors, concrete slabs with hydro, thermal and acoustic insulation covered natural materials of wood, polished - polished stone, marble or ceramic tile. For internal and external joinery is used natural wood, aluminum or combinations of these two materials with shutters - shutters of the same material. Bathroom: large selection of Italian, Spanish and local tiles and sanitary ware. The interior and kitchen furniture designed in accordance with orders of the factory that is in our possession Standard 7x4 + pools Domestic prices of European quality Our Architectural and construction team is waiting for YOU

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